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f.k.a. Edo


There’s obviously so much to see and do in Tokyo, but this is a condensed list of some favourite things.

Shibuya crossing. Yup, it’s on everyone’s list. Why do I like it? There are many reasons, nostalegic and other. I love the anticipation of everyone waiting to cross. What people have planned - street performers catching that few seconds before crowds (xxx) amass. I love the diversity of people crossing. I love watching people lose their shit over the amount of people. I love the amount of people. I like that it always makes me feel like I’m on holiday or visiting Tokyo for the first time.. hearing people making plans.. At the moment it still feels like a humble bladerunner. Shinjuku is the trashier, lives up to every neon, dinosaur-peeking-through-skyscraper, maid cafe, game palour fantasies people have of Tokyo. Shibuya (or affectionately known as Shibs to lazy Australians), is a friendlier version, although not not much less chaotic. And with the planned construction (level 42 Hikarie building) Have you seen this picture of it in 1950... 

Yakumo Saryo

Yup, it’s going to be out of the way for most of you. But if you want to experience traditional Japanese aesthetics and philosophies reinterpreted in a modern setting (ie. eat eye-wateringly beautiful wagashi sweets in polished concrete archetect design rooms with staff who have just the right amount of pause and stare after each phrase that make you think you’ve fallen into Her or somehow got stoned on the way (similar to the experience at Pigment).


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